One in three children requires different fittings for both their left and right foot

Published:  01 February, 2012

Only Hush Puppies have a unique set of precisely calibrated foot beds for each shoe, allowing each foot to be fit individually for both width and depth. For Autumn / Winter 2012 Hush Puppies have introduced a collection of boots in a number of vibrant colourful uppers for both girls and boys. The use of Wolverine Worry Free Suede means that these shoes are scuff, stain and water resistant, enabling them to retain their original soft and supple look.

Paralleling Hush Puppies adult collections, which contain a number of built in technologies, this also transcends too many of the children’s products. Peardrop in particular contains wave reflex, a patented technology which increases flexibility and comfort for the wearer, demonstrated by the use of reverse action waves on the sole unit.

A child’s foot evolves from a toddler (containing 45 pieces of developing bone) to an adult (in which most of the bone have fused together) by the age of 18. During this growth period, the soft bones must be carefully supported and allowed sufficient room to grow. All of Hush Puppies children’s shoes come in whole sizes and selected styles in half sizes, with E, F and G fittings.

Hush Puppies, back to school offering provides a wide array of choice. The most popular back to school styles for girls are Cindy and Peardrop and for boys are Curly and Gradient. As a direct result to the changes in the market Hush Puppies offer most of their fitted back to school shoes in a size 7 for girls and size 8 for boys.


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