WORTMANN still growing strong - 10.5% sales increase in the first half of the year - 10.5% sales increase in the first half of the year

Published:  03 April, 2012

In the first 6 month period (Autumn-Winter season from June 1st to November 30th) of the company’s current fiscal year 2011/2012 (31.05.), the Wortmann Group was able to increase their sales to € 503.1 million (GBP 431.1 million). In the same period last year, sales were at € 455.3 million. This is an increase of 10.5%. Present in-house orders indicate a consolidated growth for the entire fiscal year totaling € 995 million (GBP 850 million). The previous year total sales were at € 957.7 million. The export share is likely to grow to 54% (previous year at 52.7%). MainlyRussia developed well amongst the export markets, where Wortmann is represented with its own subsidiaries. AlsoFrance was very successful. While the German market increased,Great Britain andIreland sales decreased slightly. The Asian Private Label business of Novi Footwear with customers from overseas is likely to be behind the last year. Shoes of the Wortmann Group are sold in over 70 countries worldwide in over 15,000 shoe stores.

Tamaris, the leading brand of the Wortmann Group continued on its path to its self set goal of becomingEurope’s number 1 selling shoe brand. With a record advertising budget of € 100 million for the next 4 years the goal should be reached as quickly as possible. Next toGermany, key markets for upcoming activities will be France and Benelux, as well as Poland and Scandinavia.  In the beginning of May, Brigitte will publish its newest communication analysis with the current marketing key figures as far as brand recognition is concerned. Tamaris had already obtained a brand awareness of 51% two years ago.Detmoldnow expects an increase of well above 60%. Also in the area of the Tamaris System Partnership, the Wortmann Group’s top brand is continuing its way to more growth. Presently there are 685 sales areas (previous year 454), of which 210 are Mono Label Stores and 475 are Shop-in-Shops. 

With a pairage volume of 31 million pairs in the fashion segment and approx. 27 million pairs in the standard segment, the Wortmann Group belongs to the biggest shoe production- and sales companies in Europe. In fashionable ladies shoes one is considered market leader. Next to the main brand Tamaris there are the brands Marco Tozzi, Caprice, Jana and s.Oliver Shoes which also belong to the European part of the company. In addition there is Novi Footwear Fareast Ltd. inAsia. Wortmann is represented with its own companies in eight locations in Europe and with a further eleven inAsia. On an international basis the group presently has 1,021 employees (930 in the previous year), 582 inEurope (plus 12%). Worldwide 30,000 workers produce for the Detmold group enterprise.   

For the present sales start of the collections for the upcoming autumn/winter season 2012/2013 not only the shoe line of business, but Detmold also, anticipates a weaker growth due to high stock in the shoe retail. 

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