Published:  20 April, 2012

Shoemaker Nicholas Cooper is to launch his first collection at Northampton Museum's Made in Northampton exhibition which opens on the 12th of April and runs until the 20th of May 2012. Nicholas is the creator of Stamp Shoes, a new bespoke shoemaking company based in Northampton. Stamp continues the tradition of making classic English footwear whilst incorporating an unrestrained use of colour and experimental surface technique. The modern Deco inspired logo is tantamount to this new approach and a reminder that the brand wishes to remain at the cutting edge aesthetically.

With the rising demand for personalised hand-crafted products it is possible once again for both shoemaker and client to enjoy the freedom and independence of ages gone by. Often people talk of how the British shoe manufacturers were dwarfed by foreign imports. This is true of course but it was the UK factories themselves which marked the end of shoemaking as a cottage industry. Now, history has come full circle so to speak. According to Nicholas, “Shoemaking as an independent occupation is making a come-back.”
Many clients take inspiration from Nicholas' unique collection of designs while others are looking to put their own ideas to work, creating something that is truly individual to them. Stamp caters for a range of different people including those who simply want to find a pair of shoes that fit comfortably. All shoes are made-to-measure and fittings take place either in the Stamp workshop or at the client's location.

1. Stamp specialises in providing bespoke handmade footwear to clients in the UK inspired by classic styling, vibrant colour, and a range of surface techniques which includes bold digital prints onto leather.
2. Nicholas Cooper moved to Northampton in 2007 to immerse himself in the Northamptonshire footwear industry and learn shoemaking. He has continued to develop his skills in Northampton drawing on the knowledge of local craftsman.
3. In homage to the rich shoemaking heritage of Northamptonshire, each pair of shoes in Nicholas' collection is named after a street within the old boot and shoe quarter of Northampton, now a designated conservation area.
4. Stamp was originally conceived as a men's footwear brand but will equally make shoes in similar styles for ladies.
5. Each pair of shoes is constructed by hand on specially made foot lasts that are modelled by an expert last-maker according to the unique measurements of the individual client.

Mr Nicholas Cooper
+44 (0)7733 551211
Stamp Shoes, Unit 20, Portfolio Innovation Centre, St. George's Avenue, Northampton NN2 6JD
Images can be copied from the Stamp Shoes website and Facebook page to be used in media articles.

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