Snuguns, Gripping the ‘Soles’ of the Nation

Published:  17 May, 2012

Snuguns are delighted to announce the launch of Grippa Socks. Supportive non-slip socks that protect, fit and support growing feet. Designed along the guidelines set out in “feet for life” by The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, Snuguns Grippa Socks provide great grip with maximum comfort and flexibility. Grippa Socks help with the care of babies and children’s feet during crucial growing stages, from six months to four years!

Bare foot is best as children’s feet grow, but often this is not practical.  A cold, uneven, hard or polished floor can create real problems as children crawl and start to walk. Their feet slide in opposite directions and cuts and bruises are a common problem. However, little ones should not be in shoes all day and slippers cannot provide enough flexible support. It is with this in mind that Snuguns set out to design the next best thing to bare feet, Grippa Socks.

In the early years, the foot is made up of soft and flexible cartilage that gradually converts to bone over time. During this development, great care should be taken with little one’s feet as they can be at risk from injury and deformity. This is where Grippa Socks come in – with really putting feet first!


Snuguns Grippa Socks grow with the child and cleverly one size to fit all ages from six months to four years.   The“fold-to-fit”band provides the best fit, whilst supporting the foot at the vital ankle joint. This snug fit also ensures these socks do not come off!

Grippa by name, Grippa by nature thanks to the silicone mesh sole which gives a uniform layer of grip that stretches each and every time the foot moves. The area of grip actually increases as the foot grows, providing flexible lightweight grip with minimum bulk and maximum comfort.

Snuguns new design, the Grippa Socks which are made here in the UK, help toes stay cosy and warm. The continuous loop pile insulates and ventilates the foot, giving it comfort and cushioning while enabling maximum movement and stretch throughout.

Nicola Kurtz, owner of Snuguns is delighted to be expanding the range and has commented, “Little feet slip and slide on hard floors, soft play areas and bouncy castles and during trips in the car or a plane, cold feet are a pain! Warmth, protection, grip and comfort are key and thanks to the new Snuguns Grippa Socks these problems are sorted! The cute socks are cotton for comfort, go on in a flash (and stay on!) and have been designed especially with little growing feet in mind”.

Snuguns Grippa Socks are truly the best booties, slippers and socks as they help parents care for children’s feet. Best care for small growing feet is critical and impacts health, mobility and well-being throughout life.

RRP: £8.99


Size: One size from 6 months to four years


For high res images or samples, please call Chloe Ward on 020 74940543 or email


Notes to Editors


Snuguns Grippa Socks Full Product Description:


  • Created with growing feet in mind
  • Designed with guidance from The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists
  • Benefits include: easy on, stay on, great grip & keep warm- and adjust to fit the foot each and every time they are put on.
  • A silicone mesh sole for grip that increases with bigger feet
  • Loop pile cotton for durability, breathability and comfort
  • Made in the UK, printed in Italy
  • 74% cotton
  • Available in bright pink or blue

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