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Published:  03 July, 2012

The story about Angulus begins with Willy Madsen. Or rather, it begins with Willy’s father who in 1904 opens a shoemakers workshop in Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen. Willy is a school teacher at first and quite content with his trade. It is only years later that he enters the story of his father’s company – it is Willy who in 1928 turns the shoe business upside down with the ergonomic Angulus shoe.

Willy develops the shoe in collaboration with doctors and physiotherapists. Lengthy discussions within the company about the special anatomy of both the shoe and the foot lead to the development of a last with a rounded toe. The innovation gives children’s feet room to thrive and allows a natural muscular development. Fashion conscious moms are shocked. They have rarely seen a shoe this ugly and can’t grasp the idea of this ergonomic nonsense. Children should wear nice little copies of their parents pointed shoes.

Unsurprisingly, the ergonomic shoe doesn’t sell well. Willy is disheartened, but one day his luck suddenly changes – as the story often goes. Willy’s luck is that he gets engaged to one of the great ballet stars at the time – the lovely Else Højgaard. The celebrity couple are seen in the papers’ glamour pages and that opens the doors to the distributors and turns Angulus children’s shoes into the talk of the town.

And the same goes for Angulus shoes for women – although in this case the emphasis is still on the elegant expression. Willy always believed that his shoes should make a woman’s foot look beautiful.

The buyer’s clear vision

Time passes and in 1949 Willy hires a leather buyer. His name is Roland Dawe. In the following years the young buyer travels around Europe in search of quality leather. Roland has a good eye for quality and notices the many beautiful shoes Europe has to offer. The visionary buyer ensures that Angulus gets the agency for famous handmade German shoes and the best Italian brands. As one of the few Danish shoe makers

Angulus is now ready for the competition when the government around 1960 opens up for import of foreign shoes. The Italian agencies in particular are a major inspiration in the development of the Angulus collection.

2012 – Fit and design

Today it is Christian Dawe, son of Roland Dawe, who’s in charge of the development of Angulus. The shoes are designed in Denmark and produced in Portugal where 130 shoemakers oversee the production in the factory. Every season the beautiful shoes are sent out into the world and put on the shelves in the best shops. The most important thing for Angulus is still that the shoes are elegant, fantastic to wear and designed for everyday wear – which is where we spend the bigger part of our lives.

In 2012, Angulus was the proud winner of the prestigious ”Junior Magazine Design Award”. The jury attached great importance to Angulus’ unique way of combining fit and design

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