LIFE GreenShoes4All: an European journey towards reducing the environmental impact of footwear products

Two years after the launch of the project co-funded by the European Commission “Footwear environmental footprint category rules implementation and innovative green shoes ecodesign and recycling”, the consortium shared its achievements. With an increase in footwear consumption in 2018 to 3.1 pairs of shoes for each person on earth and the worrying numbers of global waste, LIFE GreenShoes4All project is […]

Eco Footwear – Ocean Refresh Turning the Tide on Plastic

Ocean Refresh is launching a Kickstarter campaign today to help fund our incredible new OCEANA sneakers, made with 100% recycled ocean plastic. You can get a sneak preview of them here. You can also watch their video.  They will be LAUNCHING on Kickstarter  TODAY, Thursday 15th October at 12pm GMT +1 You can help them by pledging: For £288 […]

Multipronged Benefits and Soaring Demand Among Millennial Fuelling Sales of Vegan Footwear, Finds FMI  

The global vegan footwear market is estimated to be valued at ~US$ 24.86 Bn in 2020 and expected to expand at 7.2% between 2020 and 2030. Millennial have emerged as a key demography for the market, demonstrating high willingness to spend on fashion apparel and footwear. Younger generation are demonstrating impressive eco-consciousness. To an extent […]

Fashion’s crucial role in biodiversity loss as UN officials call for action to preserve the natural world

During the SDG Media Zone, run alongside the United Nations 75th General Assembly streaming dialogues and interviews focused on the power of science, solutions and solidarity to transform our world, UN officials working to preserve the natural world are also urging “action now” ahead of the crucial biodiversity summit where world leaders are expected to declare their […]



The Tamaris Fashletics collection line was awarded with the German Brand Award 2020 in the category “Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation” by the German Design Council.  The visuality of the collection line prevailed over the approximately 1,200 applications from around the world and was particularly convincing with its expressiveness, uniqueness and recognition value. With […]

London Shoe Show October 2020 – NEXT SHOW – 11th & 12th October 2020

The London Shoe Show is London’s latest and greatest independent trade shoe fair. With over 46 six major brands on show and twenty exhibitors, the London Shoe Show is a must attend event for anyone in the shoe business.  Where to find us: Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place, Kensington, London, W8 5SR. You will find the London Shoe Show on the […]

Q&A Company Profile: TH3RD

Q&A Company Profile: TH3RD

Please tell us about your company? Th3rd creates digital twins of products and people. The realistic 3D content we create is fit to use in (digital) marketing, VR, AR, as Holograms and serves as a master file within your asset collection to create advertisement campaigns for instance. To support large brands & retailers in digitising […]


Minimalist footwear brand awarded score putting them alongside Allbirds and Veja, but declare regenerative business is the only way to regenerate the health of people and planet  (Left: ReVivo shoes are reconditioned to avoid landfill, Right: A worker in the Soul of Africa social enterprise factory, Ethiopia) LONDON – 2nd SEPTEMBER, 2020 – Global barefoot footwear company Vivobarefoot was today awarded […]

DIGITAL BRAND DAYS by Wortmann Group

DIGITAL BRAND DAYS by Wortmann Group

A coffee break with the CEO – the brands of the Wortmann Group invite you to the next digital in-house fair from August 26th 2020 until August 27th 2020. After the success of the Garda Days – the first digital in-house fair of the Wortmann Group – the Digital Brand Days will now continue. Starting […]

FOOT LOCKER EMBRACES INDIVIDUALITY WITH LATEST CAMPAIGN FEATURING GEN Z CHANGEMAKERS Brand partners with breakout talent, Abisha and Jordan Charles, to celebrate being yourself

20th AUGUST 2020: Foot Locker in Europe today launches its latest campaign, featuring leading changemakers who are championing individuality and a more progressive future for their communities and beyond.   The campaign is a second instalment in the brand’s new platform, ‘Shoes Don’t Change the World. You Do’, which celebrates today’s youth who are striving to make […]