CAPRICE starts with a new soft leather program – softer, more flexible, and more precious!

High-quality lamb leathers are used.

Just in time for the start of the autumn/winter 2019/20 order season, the
shoe company based in Germany is presenting a new soft-leather line whose styles are made of high-quality lambskin leather.

“Before our shoes pamper our customers’ feet, they have to convince their eyes and hands. We meet these requirements with the new soft leather program, which also offers a highly attractive trade margin,
without leaving the usual CAPRICE price ranges, “says Jürgen Cölsch, Managing Partner of CAPRICE.

The lamb leathers used for the new soft leather program come from sheep, which are bred free-range in the unique climatic conditions in the heart of Africa. The animals live in the Simien mountains at an altitude of 3000 meters. Due to geography, climate, feeding and permanent movement while foraging, the sheep living there are very low in fat and muscular. The mild climate allows the animals to be outdoors all year round and remain largely spared from skin injuries during growth. These conditions lead to a uniquely fine and smooth sheepskin. The tanned leather is one of the highest quality of its kind worldwide.

At CAPRICE, this precious natural material is manufactured with the utmost precision into exquisite shoe models. The fascination of leather is made palpable in an uncompromising way. CAPRICE IS LEATHER, this slogan reflects the product philosophy that has always characterized every CAPRICE collection.