BFA Update: Government update on the CoronaVirus crisis Tuesday, April 28th  (plus useful link to online learning platform)

Dear members,

I just wanted to make you aware of a portal set up by Government at which you may submit questions for the daily CoronaVirus press conference.
I am assured that the Government is not involved in choosing the questions but that they are selected by an independent polling organisation at midday on the day concerned.

Ministers will not be given a chance to see them beforehand either.
Anyone wanting to put forward a particular question can do so here.

Also, The Department of Education have created a new online learning platform, aimed at boosting the nation’s digital or numeracy skills whilst in lock-down.
The free courses, available through The Skills Toolkit, range from from everyday maths or basic use of email and social media, to more advanced training in a variety of digital areas including coding and marketing.

All courses are online and flexible and you can find more information here.

Stay safe and smiling,


Lucy Reece-Raybould, BFA CEO