Jake Shoes Balloon Makes 100 Mile Trip to Lucky Prize Winner in Hull!

This year marks 40 years in business for Manchester-based independent shoe retailer Jake Shoes and to celebrate they launched 40 prize-laden balloons into the skies of Stockport from their flagship store on Princes Street. They were then shocked to receive a call from one lucky winner – located over 100 miles away near Hull!


Stockport residents were stunned as the balloons floated around town, each with a prize voucher attached. The prize codes on the voucher entitled whoever found the balloons to claim a range of prizes, from 10% discount vouchers to free pairs of Ugg Australia boots, Lelli Kelly kids’ shoes and Timberland boots.


One young lad caught a balloon straight off the mark – but swiftly let it go again, blissfully unaware that it had a prize code attached. His mother could only look on in dismay as the balloon soared back into the sky, after she realised how valuable the balloon could have been.


The first lucky prize-winner was Pam Dalton, who found her balloon all the way over in Ellerker, just west of the city of Hull. Pam found the balloon on the Thursday afternoon, just a few hours after the balloon release, so it must have travelled pretty quickly. She was delighted to win a brand new pair of Converse trainers! Pam said “”Winning the shoes makes chasing the balloon down a country lane all worthwhile. I had to dangle in a ditch to grab it, while my friend was telling me off for being so nosey – but it was well worth it!”


Not all the balloons had such an epic journey – a few were found nearby, in Stockport town centre just a stone’s throw away from the Jake Shoes store. These winners were said to be thrilled, with not too far to walk to claim their prizes! There were also sightings in Glossop and Oldham, but only from high in the sky.


With only a handful of independent shoe retailers left in Manchester, Jake Shoes’ 40th year of trading is certainly a significant landmark. There was a great atmosphere at the balloon release, with friends and loyal customers turning up to offer their support and congratulations to the store for turning 40. Fortunately, the excitement of the day was also caught on video, which you can view here.


Jake Bland is the owner of Jake Shoes (his parents named the store they founded after him when he was just a child). He said: “We couldn’t believe a balloon made it all the way to Hull! Over 100 miles away! The balloons were a thank you to the people of Stockport and Manchester who have helped us stay in business for four decades, whilst other independents across the country have been closing down.”


Since it opened in Stockport in 1975, Jake Shoes has remained a family run business, selling the latest in men’s, women’s and children’s shoes, with a focus on providing the people of Manchester with the latest in footwear trends at extremely reasonable prices. They have built up a loyal customer base and have more recently expanded their business to include a second store in Manchester’s Arndale centre as well as an online store, which has allowed them to sell shoes to people up and down the country.


Only a few of the prize codes have been claimed so far, so there are still plenty of the fantastic prizes floating out there. It was a windy day when the balloons were launched and there have been reports of balloons being launched in Manchester and making their way as far as China, so who knows where the rest of the balloons have ended up – we suggest those in the North East keep their eyes peeled!

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