Rohde returns to its roots

Both Rohde and HB Shoes are delighted to announce that they have confirmed a new distribution
agreement for the Rohde brand in the UK and Ireland commencing July 1 2019.

“Having worked with the Rohde brand for more than 20 years I am delighted to be able to reconnect
with the new Rohde ownership, but still so many of the original team in Schwalmstadt Germany,” said Justin Morgan, the current owner and Managing Director of HB Shoes and former Managing Director of Rohde UK from 2003 – 2012.”

“Many of the original Rohde distributors have reconnected with Rohde’s new Italian owners who have invested heavily in the brand. This includes a full in-stock service as well as product innovation. We are very aware that there were some challenging years for the brand during its various ownerships, however, inblu have brought stability to the structure; retained the team in Schwalmstadt Germany whom we know so well, and brought reliability to the Rohde brand once more. The international distributor network is just a rekindling of past friendships – most of the original team are now back together.”

“Consumers still want Rohde products, and due to my long association with the brand, retailers have
approached me over the years to once again work with them on Rohde. With changes that have
taken place in Europe the time is now right for us to distribute the brand again.

“We have made our full SS 20 selection, but will have access to Rohde’s extensive AW 19 stock
programme, details of which will be mailed over the coming weeks. Rohde’s previous distribution
network and consumer demand in the UK and Ireland was enormous, and we look forward to
rebuilding the confidence of both retailers and consumers over the coming seasons.”
Full details of Rohde’s new collection, sales network and exhibiting plans will be circulated shortly.”