Tamaris’ successful digital campaign continues

From people of the heart and shared stories

With its innovative digital campaign, Tamaris is once again on the lookout – this time not only for unique personalities, but also for their favourite people. Clear the stage for a multitude of authentic, hearty and exciting stories!

By asking “Who is Julia?”, the brand started its first search for real women at the beginning of the year. As part of the innovative, multi-level digital campaign, a wide variety of Julias told their stories and shared them with many other women. The search focused on the diversity and uniqueness of women. The result was impressive with high digital visibility and brand presence on the social web as well as successful sales – even in Corona times.

After the successful launch of the first campaign, the decision was quickly made to continue focusing on the uniqueness of women in a communicative way and to re-start the search in the autumn/winter season 2020. Whether Anna, Kira, Sophie, Sabine, Hailey etc. – with the hashtag #whoareyou all women are now being addressed in comparison to the first campaign.

Cathleen Burghardt, Head of Marketing at Tamaris, describes the campaign idea as follows “We want to make women feel special – through our shoes and through authentic protagonists in our campaign. Women like you and me, like them, like all of us – because we are unique! The focus is on heart-to-heart relationships between women that have made them the personalities they are today. These can be mothers, daughters, sisters, best friends, for example.”

At the beginning of July, Tamaris called on women to apply as protagonists for the new campaign with a digital casting. Many responded with their answer to the question “Who are you?”, telling what distinguishes them, occupies them and who shapes their lives in particular. Tamaris has invited selected couples from all applicants to a shooting in Hamburg to get to know them even better, hear their stories and give them a stage as brand faces in autumn/winter 2020. “We are overwhelmed by the response to the applications and look forward to the great women, their successes, personal hurdles and thoughts,” says Cathleen Burghardt.

The high-coverage digital campaign will be broadcast from mid-August to early November 2020 in target group-specific environments. The combination of brand content with authentic branded content in combination with a complex, digital ad architecture leads to a significant, organic increase in relevance and thus contributes to the positioning of the brand.

About the wortmann group

The Wortmann Group, based in Detmold, is best known for its brand Tamaris. It is one of Europe‘s largest shoe production and retail companies, and the market leader for fashionable women‘s shoes. Its collections are available in over 70 countries and more than 15,000 shoe shops all over the world. In addition to the leading brand Tamaris, the group also owns the Marco Tozzi, s.Oliver shoes, Caprice and Jana brands. The Novi Footwear Fareast Ltd. brand in Asia is another Wortmann Group company. The group employs over 1,100 staff internationally. Production work for the company involves a global workforce of approximately 30,000 people.