The Schuh Trust donates £3m to the COVID-19 Relief Effort

In response to the national crisis, the Schuh Trust will support the relief effort with a
combined donation of £3m, to the National Emergencies Trust and the NHS Charities
Together COVID-19 Appeal.

The Schuh Trust was founded in 2011 following the acquisition of schuh, the UK
footwear retailer, by US company Genesco Inc. Since 2011, the Schuh Trust has
donated between £200,000 and £250,000 each year to a variety of deserving

We have decided that these unprecedented times call for unprecedented action. And
so, the Trust will be selling off a significant chunk of assets to fund this donation, with
the intention of providing critical support to people that urgently need it now, rather
than at some point in the future. Mark Crutchley, The Schuh Trust.

A donation of £2million will be made to the National Emergencies Trust. This Trust
was launched last year to coordinate the response to major emergencies in the UK
and offers a range of vital support including getting food to isolated people, providing
mental wellbeing advice, assisting those struggling with debt and much more.

Each day we continue to be overwhelmed with people’s generosity and willingness to
do what they can to help. The Schuh Trust’s extraordinarily generous donation of
£2million will help us to continue our work of getting support to where it is needed
most during this national crisis. Thank you from everyone here at the National
Emergencies Trust to our friends at The Schuh Trust. General Lord Dannatt,
Chairman, National Emergencies Trust (NET).

The NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Appeal will also receive a donation of
£1million. Funds will help support the health and wellbeing of NHS staff and
volunteers, who provide care for COVID-19 patients in ways beyond that ordinarily
funded by the NHS.

Following these donations the Schuh Trust will continue to operate making donations
to worthy causes, albeit at a lower level than before. The Trustees firmly believe that
this is the right decision in the face of this exceptional crisis, to ensure they can offer
urgent support now for those in need.


About The Schuh Trust
The Schuh Trust was established in 2011 following the acquisition of schuh by
Genesco Inc. The Trust is run by former schuh directors as well as a nominated
schuh employee. Schuh staff are encouraged to apply for funding for charities of their
choice and these applications are reviewed and approved by the trustees four times
a year. To date the Trust has made over £2m of donations.

About National Emergencies Trust
The National Emergencies Trust is an independent charity that collaborates with
charities and other bodies to raise and distribute money at the time of a domestic
disaster. The Trust was established in November 2019 in response to a Charity
Commission recommendation following a series of UK emergencies in 2017. This is
its first appeal since it launched since its creation last year.
How does the appeal work?
The National Emergencies Trust is working collaboratively with a wide range of
organisations. This is to ensure the maximum amount of money is raised and is
distributed effectively and fairly to those organisations who can do the most to help
those in need. This partnership network has been created by the National
Emergencies Trust over the past few months and provides the public with the
reassurance that funds will only be channelled through trusted and reputable
Where does the money go?
The National Emergencies Trust is distributing money to local Community
Foundations and other charities, providing support to those most in need at a local
level. The Trust is working with a network of 50 Community Foundations across the
UK. These groups are well-placed to understand who is impacted locally, how they
are affected and what help they need. They also have experience in distributing
For more info, go to: and for a list of

community foundations please see:

About the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Appeal
NHS Charities Together, formally Association of NHS Charities, represents over 140
member NHS charities throughout the UK. Funds will help support the health and
wellbeing of NHS staff and volunteers supporting COVID-19 patients in ways above
and beyond that which NHS funding can ordinarily provide. These include wellbeing
packs and costs associated with travel, parking, accommodation and volunteer